PETA Sends Out the Nudes, But Loves Marc Bouwer

Marc Bouwer’s collection was exquisite. The dresses were the highlight of fashion week thus far. It will be a feat of talent to out-do Marc’s dresses.

But what makes the line even more desirable, and the name Marc Bouwer highly sought after, is his dedication to animal rights. Marc animal-friendly fur-free stance has now expanded to include him swearing off Australian wool. His runway triumph on Friday consisted solely of 100% cruelty-free fashion. He upheld his promise to PETA and easily wowed the crowd without the use of fur or Australian wool.

Three PETA volunteers also stood on the corner of Melrose Place and Orlando Avenue in Los Angeles on Thursday. The three girls stood naked except for a banner that read: “I rather go naked than wear fur.” The nude demonstration was to protest the opening of Oscar de la Renta’s newest store. However, the store is still under construction and will open it’s doors at a later date. The naked protesters were also aiming their slogan at Marc Jacobs and his three stores on the street.

I love that PETA is embracing the power of nipples to fight crime.

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