PETA Not So “Crazy In Love” With Beyonce

At a photo shoot for Beyonce’s latest solo album, “B-Day,” she posed with a baby alligator whose mouth was taped shut. Knowles recently told Arena Magazine:

“There was a shot where I held an alligator. (It) had (it’s) mouth taped — that was my bright idea.” She continued by saying, “He was really cute, but since his mouth was taped, he didn’t have any way to defend himself. He was upset, so he peed on me. That was an experience.”

Word of the gator situation got to PETA, who responded by contacting one of the world’s leading biologists, who sent Beyonce a letter, stating:

“As a specialist in reptile biology and welfare, I’m concerned about your posing with a terrified baby alligator for your new album cover.” He added, “Humans and alligators are not natural bedfellows, and the two should not mix at events such as photo shoots. In my view, doing so is arguably abusive to an animal.”

But it’s not like she was hurting a CUTE animal. I’m totally kidding PETA. Don’t send me any letters.

PETA Wants Gator-aid From Beyoncé [TMZ]

More photos of Beyonce (no other nip slips) from the “Effortless Style” book launch party, are after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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