PETA Honors Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn

The 2009 PETA Man and Women of the year have been selected!

Tim Gunn and Ellen DeGeneres show us that one person really can make a difference in the world by rejecting cruel deeds in favor of compassionate acts,” PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk told in a statement.

As creative director for the fur-free Liz Clairborne Inc., Tim Gunn promotes being animal-friendly on the runway and has lent his narrating voice to PETA’s “Fashion Victims” video, which promotes designers to use faux-fur fabric. I can just picture him saying, ‘make it work, people’ in the video!

In 2008, Ellen chose a cruel-free lifestyle when she decided to become a vegan. For the love of Iggy, she’s got a big heart!

Both honorees made “an exceptional effort to place animal rights issues before a large audience,” the statement said about the animal-friendly honorees.

What a lovely couple of PETA People of the Year… try saying that five times fast!

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