Perez Hilton Smacked Upside The Blue Head With Lawsuit

(Mavrix Photo)

He’s making $800,000 a year!!!! $800,000!!?!?!?!?! Are you f*cking kidding me? That’s it, I am getting out that goddamn white pen and drawing coke, and piss-streams (on pictures he’s using without permission from the paparazzi agencies) and using catchy made-up words like “shiteous”. $800,000!!! I am one thirsty, hating bitch right now. Oh, right, the story – Perez Hilton got sued for reals .

We hit Perez Hilton with a multi-million million dollar copyright lawsuit yesterday. Five celebrity photo agencies – Splash, Bauer-Griffin, Flynet, INF and London Entertainment Pictures warned Perez last December that we could no longer accept his unlawful use of copyright pictures without payment or credit.

He and his lawyers have refused to pay up and refused to take down unlawfully obtained photos. They don’t even have the decency to respond. Most bloggers out there are decent, honest business people who understand the photographers need to earn an income and we thank all of you who do pay and credit and we are happy to supply you so you can entertain your readers.

But the time has come to show Perez he can no longer get rich off the back of other peoples’ work. News reports and some boasting from Perez put his income at over $800,000 a year from advertising revenue and his appearances on TV shows, TV programs etc. He says he gets up to 4 million unique visitors a day. Yet he doesn’t pay a cent to anyone whose material he uses to get fame and fortune.

The poor thing’s income would take a dent if he actually paid to license the photos he scribbles all over. Hilton is also facing lawsuits by X17 and NBC Universal for stealing their copyrighted material as well. The dudes days are numbered.

Awwww, my publisher pays for our photos which makes me “decent” and “honest”. Little do they know. I’ll kick your grandma for a dollar! And it sounds like Perez would do it for .50!

Seriously, the funny part of all this is that out of all of us bloggers (and trust me, I’m Z-list but I know), he probably makes the most cash and could afford to pay for his photos with no problem, so it makes no sense that he steals the stuff.

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