Perez Hilton Smacked Upside The Blue Head With Lawsuit

April 24th, 2007 // 33 Comments

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He’s making $800,000 a year!!!! $800,000!!?!?!?!?! Are you f*cking kidding me? That’s it, I am getting out that goddamn white pen and drawing coke, and piss-streams (on pictures he’s using without permission from the paparazzi agencies) and using catchy made-up words like “shiteous”. $800,000!!! I am one thirsty, hating bitch right now. Oh, right, the story – Perez Hilton got sued for reals .

We hit Perez Hilton with a multi-million million dollar copyright lawsuit yesterday. Five celebrity photo agencies – Splash, Bauer-Griffin, Flynet, INF and London Entertainment Pictures warned Perez last December that we could no longer accept his unlawful use of copyright pictures without payment or credit.

He and his lawyers have refused to pay up and refused to take down unlawfully obtained photos. They don’t even have the decency to respond. Most bloggers out there are decent, honest business people who understand the photographers need to earn an income and we thank all of you who do pay and credit and we are happy to supply you so you can entertain your readers.

But the time has come to show Perez he can no longer get rich off the back of other peoples’ work. News reports and some boasting from Perez put his income at over $800,000 a year from advertising revenue and his appearances on TV shows, TV programs etc. He says he gets up to 4 million unique visitors a day. Yet he doesn’t pay a cent to anyone whose material he uses to get fame and fortune.

The poor thing’s income would take a dent if he actually paid to license the photos he scribbles all over. Hilton is also facing lawsuits by X17 and NBC Universal for stealing their copyrighted material as well. The dudes days are numbered.

Awwww, my publisher pays for our photos which makes me “decent” and “honest”. Little do they know. I’ll kick your grandma for a dollar! And it sounds like Perez would do it for .50!

Seriously, the funny part of all this is that out of all of us bloggers (and trust me, I’m Z-list but I know), he probably makes the most cash and could afford to pay for his photos with no problem, so it makes no sense that he steals the stuff.

By J. Harvey

  1. linda

    what a dick, I can’t believe he makes that much for his inane ramblings. I’m definitely never visiting that site again. Blech…

  2. JaneSays

    It makes no sense that he makes that much and refuses to pay for anything but what do you expect from a grown man who worships a wonkey-eyed, racist homophobe piece of shit? He’s a tool of a major nature and I can’t help but laugh at how pompous Petunia is. The meth has really done his brain in.

    BTW, I saw you in Life & Style, Jay and don’t you EVER compare yourself to that nasty pig again. One of you is an ass; the other has class! (The latter would be you!!). You’re just as funny in print as you are online!!

  3. Jenn

    Holy Hell – you out class that piece of white trash with every witty & educated thing you say….you’ve made me laugh out loud more then once and the few times I visited his site I left in a hurry because of his pathetic attempts at….er….well anything really. He and old wonky eye deserve each other.

  4. shell

    This is my first comment because I felt compelled to let you know (although I’m sure you already do) that your site is SO much funnier, smarter and just BETTER than his! You guys make me laugh on a daily basis. I don’t visit his site much, but when I have I have thought: he’s immature, not too bright and not too funny.

  5. e

    i stopped visiting that site a LONG time ago..for one the writing sucks. for two i got so tired of the advertising taking over the site… it became frustrating to even go too… errrr
    glad he’s getting his ugly ass ripped a new one.

  6. Bethly

    I can’t BELIEVE he could POSSIBLY bring in that much! I work in a huge office where everyone reads the gossip blogs, and his is considered a joke! I get so mad whenever I see his ugly face trying to be funny. I (almost, but I love her too much) stopped watching Tori and Dean when I saw him on it. And the fact that he “hangs out” with paris – what a sell out!

  7. Joley

    I also never read his site,the one or two times Ive ever bothered, I was disgusted and left just as fast as I got there. I read this site, however, about 20 times a day. J, you crack me up, keep up your good work !

  8. jen

    hot, i hate that guy.

  9. stolidog

    Perez is a pisshole.
    J., you’re my manteddy.

  10. ESP

    You are no Z-lister! Love the site and keep it up. I check you and Dlisted out. You are my top site!

  11. td9295

    ASL is a great site and I log onto you several times a day. But I have to be honest. Pez (Perez) is faster. His white defacement of the photos is annoying. I don’t like some of his opinions either. But as Rosie said, “He’s young.” Posting on ASL is so nice compared to the comments on Pez’s site. How many times do I have to read ‘FIRST!!!’? I did e-mail him and he kindly responded, but that was in his PageSixSixSix days. It feels like lifetimes ago.

  12. Anna

    Worse than all of that is that he is biased. He makes fun of celebrities and then when he has met them in person and talked to them, he is suddenly their biggest fan. He is the worst blogger on the net. I love this site and visit it daily. Good Job to whoever you are.

  13. Chris

    $800,000 a year, from advertising? Christ…

  14. Alia

    What a loser Perez is… I hope they take him for everything. Not only is he biased in his reporting or rather not reporting, but I’ve enough of the white drawings on everyone’s face or his “How do we put this delicately”…
    posts. I haven’t visited him in a while and most of the times when I did if I said something negative mysteriously someone would come on cursing me out…

  15. jill

    I know it’s rude to ask a person’s salary but how much does a blogger like you guys as ASL usually make??? 800 grand is a ridiculous amount of money but at the same time I always hope bloggers make more than I think they do cuz you guys keep me so entertained all day!

  16. kikichanelconspiracy

    I think the reason he doesn’t pay is his (lame) way of proving how edgy! and punk rock! he is, when the reality is he’s just as cliched and tired as his electric blue hair. Blech. I’ve been to his blog less than five times, and it sucks. His jokes are mean-spirited, tired and unfunny.

    You, J. Harvey on the other hand, are hilarious. ASL and DListed are my two constants. Keep up the good work.

  17. Amanda

    It’s actually annoyed for a long time that his site is so popular because I think it’s awful! Those white marks on the pictures are just lame and immature. His jokes are just stupid, and, again, immature. I can’t stand it!

  18. jannre

    I haven’t gone to Perez site for a long time, he makes all those disgusting marks on most of the pics, and says some really terrible things about some of the celebrities. Hes very biased. I would much rather come here. Your definitly not z list!

  19. Clementines

    Um.. I was just thinking? Rumored international pains-taking, drug stud for the easily bored revelers for sure? Oh hahaha?!! and so much illegal undercover work for Paris and Greasy Bear is not a career., it’s a sure way to get arrested and perhaps gain a long stay in Jail like Mr Francis! That might be a bonus, he is so freaky about being in a place with a lot of men. Don’t envy him.. just wait for the anvil to fall and jump back so the smelly, germy squishy stuff doesn’t splatter you when he gets his just desserts.

  20. mac

    Are you serious? Leave Perez alone his sight is so much better than yours. You are just going to lose the people who visit both of your sites…everyone will stand by out beloved shiteous perez

  21. SmartyPants

    All I needed to know was that this a**hole worships the wonky eyed cum receptacle, and I never visited his site again. YIKES!

  22. Mel

    You paparazzi are sleaze bags and you deserve to have your shit stolen. You torture people and yet you want to be treated with respect? Who are you going to go after next time the Pink is the New Blog guy? You can’t control the Internet and the only people who will suffer are the viewers. Perez updates his shit at least 5 times a day which more then I can say about this site.

    I can’t say I agree with Perez all the time (most of the time I don’t) but he started off in a coffee shop and made his way up. He didn’t have tons of people on his staff the way you corporate wanna be sites! I say stick with the average joe and you guys can fuck off!!

  23. Stupid smart girl

    Perez is goin’ downnnn. He’s blatantly infringing on those agencies’ copyrights. He’s really getting to be too big for his own britches, all tooting his own horn with his “SIGHted”‘s and “Spotted”‘s for himself. I can’t believe I just saw his blue head in US Weekly. Ugh. But it makes sense that he gets so many visitors — his posts are so simple, he writes on pictures…wow, so witty. You would think that he might hire an editor to check his frequent spelling/grammar mistakes (like today he used “taught” instead of “taut”) if he’s really making $800,000 a year….But the man does have marketing savvy, I’ll give him that.

  24. mutterhals

    What the hell does that assbag do to warrant $800,000 a year? The world is septic.

  25. Sue

    Looks like I’m with the majority here at ASL. I like this site a lot, J. is my favorite but the other contributors are fun reads too. Perez is pretty disgusting, like he wants to see how far he can go before the reader vomits. Well, I vomited long ago, his site appears to be written by an unhappy teenager and the posters on the site aren’t much classier-like they are trying to see how many F-bombs they can drop and I never did get the pictures with the white lines…again so juvenile. The posters on ASL usually have interesting incites and are worth-while to read most of the time.
    It would be no loss to the world if Perez Hilton and his site disappeared completely!

  26. sandy

    JHarv is God’s gift to comedy. He’s SOOO funny! Perez is just a freakshow with no humor. I think
    JHarv will go much further in life. He is truly talented.

  27. sssssss

    I used to think Perez updated faster than any other site, and he probably did a while back. Now he’s so ‘busy’ he sometimes doesn’t update for an entire day, then it’s something dumb like a single photo of someone he hates. His posts also get scarcer with the more celebs he’s in cahoots with. Also, his writing IS dumb and full of typos.

  28. sssssss

    Also, to Mel:

    Average Joe? He’s a prostitute for scummy celebrities – “friendship” in exchange for good publicity or nonposting of bad publicity. He steals. Why is that ok as long as he started in a coffee shop?

  29. Jessica

    I agree with #4…I am addicted to this site and have never commented (but definitely enjoyed others’ posts)…But I have to write that Perez Hilton’s site (which I’ve only seen on occasion) is absolute crap. Not to mention, the guys seems like an extremely arrogant, uppity b**ch. Maybe I might find something to warrant an $800K income if I spent more time visiting the site? Eh, I doubt it…..Either way, keep up the fabulous(if less profitable) work!!!

  30. marykate

    Looks like I’m with the majority here thinking that ASL is a great site. JH, you are laugh out loud, make soda come out of my nose funny! Keep up the good work. Perez is finally having to pay for his arrogance.

  31. cdawg


    You tell us that his “sight” is so much better than socialitelife?

    Just goes to show the intelligence level of the folks who read that garbage.

    Socialitelife is without a doubt the funniest, snarkiest, wittiest of them all – the Veronica Mars of gossip blogs! LOVE YOU!

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