Perez Hilton Smacked Down By The Law

Perez Hilton is currently the multi-colored, irritating defendant in a lawsuit brought against him by several photo agencies for copyright infringement. He struck back by filing an unfair competition lawsuit againt photo agency X-17, claiming that they mistreat their workers and run a paparazzi sweatshop. A Los Angeles judge has dismissed this lawsuit. Put that in your Manic Panic and smoke it, Capt. Shiteous!

“It’s definitely clear there is no love fest between the two parties,” L.A. Superior Court Judge Teresa Sanchez-Gordon said, also denying Hilton attorney Gregory Doll’s last-minute request to amend the complaint.

X-17’s lawyer stated that it was obvious Perez’s lawsuit was “retaliatory” and “not much more than that”. Reports state that Perez, despite stating that he doesn’t think he’s done anything unethical by ripping off photos, has begun to change his business practices in the past year and is now licensing photos for Bitch got taught!

Photos: WENN

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