Perez Hilton Gets Sued by Crazy Person

October 19th, 2007 // 12 Comments

I have no idea why this reject, secondary-villain character from the “Jem” 80s cartoon series is featured in this post I’m writing about Perez Hilton, but perhaps you, dear readers can find the correlation for me. In any case, Mr. Hilton is facing yet another suit, but this one actually sounds quite unfounded. Federal inmate, Jonathan Lee Riches, is claiming that he and Perez have been engaged in a sexual relationship spanning years. Riches has also stated that he has even purchased a $23,000 diamond ring for Hilton and gave it it to him at a Holiday Inn in Cheyenne, Wyoming. How I wish all of this were true, but it sounds like this guy spends most of his time behind bars suing famous people including George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees, as well as the coach for the New York Knicks, Isiah Thomas. Meanwhile, that shirt needs to be suing Perez for all that overtime it’s clearly putting in without being properly compensated.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. sammi

    SIGH…..This pig literally makes me sick to my stomach…YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Darth Paul

    Did Perez lose weight? I swear, he’s down to a C-cup!

  3. DeadPlasmaCell

    Poor bastard doesn’t realize you can’t suck from the front.. not the sides.. FAIL

  4. DeadPlasmaCell

    * Can only suck in your gut from the front, not the sides

    /I FAIL

  5. peachpie

    perez hilton shows off his halloween costume early. he’s heading out on the town as a …

    Venetian Blind.

  6. Sylvia

    LOL your comment was so funny haha.

  7. joan durtz

    Why does this site give that fat dork any attention?

  8. echoroc

    first, screw that fat fucker.
    second, i’m already sick of this jonathan riches jerkoff. the suit against michael vick was hilarious because it was the first one we saw. now this dude is just cranking them out because he’s liking the attention.

  9. Christopher

    What a fat piece of shit. Why is he “famous”?

  10. heama603

    Im boycotting his nasty fat bitchy ass until he shut the eff up about Britney. Its people like him who make people like her continue the downward spiral.
    He keeps saying that he is “so happy its not another Brit post” go to his page now THE WHOLE THING IS BRITNEY!!!
    UGH. Im so sick of him and I helped to create him by visiting his site. Not no more though.

  11. eric cum

    That’s what happen when you give minorities a platform to be heard. They act like God. Fuck minorities.

  12. I am happy he is being sued. He deserves it. He degrades people. He should have many more lawsuits.

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