People Scores Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Photos

July 1st, 2005 // 69 Comments

Game, set, match. That’s a cozy family photo.

In the six pictures featured in the July 11 issue, Jolie stands in a field near her Buckinghamshire, England, estate while a shirtless and bleached-blond Pitt rides a dirt bike with her safety helmet-clad son Maddox. Other photos show Pitt, Jolie and 3-year-old Maddox at Luton Airport outside London.

Larry Hackett, People’s deputy managing editor, won’t disclose how much the magazine paid for the photos, obtained from a photographer in Britain. But he told The Associated Press Thursday that the price tag was under $1 million and “there was no bidding war” with competitors such as Us Weekly and Star magazines.

People Magazine Scores Pitt, Jolie Photos [AP]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Linz

    Brad and Angelina always look strangely…distant in pics. He always seems more into Maddox than Angelina most of the time.
    They could just be saving the hot, wild monkey sex for when they’re inside the house, but I can’t believe mags pay SO much FREEKIN money for pics that don’t show squat.

  2. o.

    When I first saw these I couldn’t read what was going on with Angelina and her expression. Now, seeing more of them, it occured to me that she’s probably uptight/nervous that her kid is on a motorcycle! She’s sort of jogging to keep up with it and make sure she’s near them. I would be doing the exact same thing if it were my son. Just a thought.

  3. punk

    Does Maddox have a little mohawk going on? That’s kickass!

  4. Flavia

    It is very easy to fake more proximity between the subjects in an original photo with Photoshop. I mean, VERY easy.
    (I just don’t want to deal with the fact that they are both liars.)

  5. Anon

    I don’t see any proof that they are together, the photos almost seem posed or something. And my God, if that top could hang on Jolie’s body anymore, she might as well be a coat hanger.

  6. alicia

    If you look at any pictures of them they never look at each other the way he/jen looked at each other. There isn’t that true love in the glances, just sexual tension.

    I don’t think they look like they are together. He definately is more interested in Maddox. I hope it stays that way too.

  7. Denise

    I think it is absolutely disgusting. Angie is a lying skank and Brad is a cheating jack ass. I’m just waiting for the day when she tells him to “kick rocks” after realizing what an ass he is. I hope Jennifer’s life is happier without a weasle like Brad in it.

  8. Terry

    Denise is clearly a lesbian. They are both hot. They deserve to be one another. They are too hot together. I love them both. Jennifer Aniston is ugly and would ugly get uglier amd manlier as she ages. OBVIOUSLY Brad was gonna dump her furry Greek ass one day. LONG LIVE ANGELINA AND BRAD!

  9. Bedstuy

    Hmph! Terry is clearly a fool and does not know any lesbians. I am a lesbian. Some of us like Angelina and some of us don’t. Denise has a right to her own opinion. Don’t throw out the word lesbian like its an insult. AND smarty pants, also it doesn’t even make any sense. She’s a lesbian so she doesn’t like Angelina but likes Jen? You suck Terry! Angelina is a dirty whorey straight girl who pretends that she likes girls because straight boys think that’s HOT! AND I know her twat stinks!

    The kid is cute.

  10. Terry

    Re: Bedstuy

    Oh, god — another pissed off lesbian.

  11. Bedstuy

    Dear Terry

    I am not pissed off, I am bored at work.

    PS You’re ugly and your breath smells like cat food.

    Angelina sucks. Brad is FTM.

  12. lala

    I hope they get together.
    uh, for the sake of little maddox or course.

  13. jennifer

    Is it just me or does Angelina always look skanky and greasy in non-press shots? Like she forgot to bathe and comb her hair.

  14. Happy Family

    does that fucktard of a kid of Angie’s ever fucking walk? do his feel EVER hit the ground?

    fucking freaky group

    she’s raising him to be a serial killer.

  15. medeastrawberry345

    Nobody smells like cat food! They do not look distant they look like their creeping and sneaking.

  16. Terry

    You people are all uglier than Angelina on her greasiest day — so shut it.

  17. kristina

    angelina is gorgeous
    im happy that brad and her are together
    i think its cute that brad and maddox are on the bike with angelina looking on. they make a cute little family.

    haha i agree with terry- long live brad & angelina <3

  18. aisha

    I can’t believe some of the comments ppl are making here. The insults are degrading, low, disrespectful, makes me wonder if some of you were raised properly by your parents.

    I think Angie and Brad look great together. I think they look happy together too. Many ppl are still in denial thus saying these are fake pics, posing, or distant. WHO CARES? Are they ruining your lives by being together? Why so much hate? And to those who says Angie is ugly, I would just looooooove to see how you look.

  19. megamilf

    Good lord can you blame the poor bastard, let’s face it he didn’t have a chance with that pucker of hers staring him in the face every day on set. Jen is pretty, but she’s not alluringly seductive. And when you look like Angelina, it’s safe to assume you can get the pick of the litter. Same goes for Brad. He just married Jen anyway on the rebound from the Gwen, they weren’t even apart for that long. I’m sure Jen was good for him in a nice sort of way, but dammit he was probably tired of the girl next door thing and wanted to tear the sheets up with a wordly femme fatale who is grounded and independent at the same time. Angelina will keep him around as long as he is into Maddox, and smart Brad knows it. Also, the attraction of taking a family man away appeals to Angelina’s deep-rooted need of filling the void her own father (John Voight) left when he abandoned young Angelina and her mother for another woman. Angelina pines for no one now.

  20. rona


  21. ian reynoso

    i think angelina and brad are britty much a good pair.Even doe i like angelina.

  22. Happy Gal

    Angelina and Brad are a gorgeous couple, not only that but they seem to make each other happy! People should be glad that they have found each other and stop trying to meddle in their business. Yeah. You can tell I really hope they get together…plus Maddox is adorable!

  23. jennifer

    I didn’t know she was pregnant. I don’t like the fact that their together. All hollywood couples have this fake feeling around them when their together but when he was with jen. They never seemed to have that affect! To me jen and brad were perfect. The were so cute together! They had that special gaze like they knew they loved each other and would always last! No matter what! It just seemed unlike all the other relationships in hollywood. They had that something special. Not many hollywood couples can find that! I’m just sad they lost it! I don’t see it jolie! He doesn’t seem to have that glow anymore. Jen and brad glowed together. Brad and jolie don’t. It just doesn’t seem right! The world just saw something special for awhile but now I guess it’s over!

  24. sam

    couple or not, more power to brad and angelina! at least they know that life goes beyond hollywood, red carpets and such. and they actually do something to help the world become a better place!

  25. keisha

    couple or not, i think Brad and Angie are great for trying to make a difference in this world and helping those less privileged!

  26. Hilarie

    He did it to Gwen, now he’s done it to Jen. If I were Jennifer, I would have been worried from the get go. He screwed Gwen over, I just would have expected that he’d do the same to me. Love is blind though. I feel horrible for Jen and I hope she’s gets over him and his bullshit very soon. Jenn, i don’t know if people like you ever read this stuff, but on the off chance that you do, you have a lot of people rooting for you. Especially women who have been in your place before. They’re both crazy. She’s scummy in every picture, even the Awards Show pictures, and you’re beautiful all the time. And he’s crazy for leaving you. I’m sure you would’ve given him the world if he asked for it. That how we all are with the men we love, who end up taking advantage of that. You are the girl next door, and that’s awesome. Down to earth girls are the ones that guys, smart guys who aren’t egotistical, stick with. You’re blessed that he left and is with a skank now. They deserve eachother, you’re better than that. You go girl!

  27. Hilarie

    Oh and he looks gay with his hair like that. Hell, he probably is… look what he left you for. Shit you know who he looks like?? Gunther. And we all know that Gunther was really cool and really hott. note the sarcasm. (sorry to the dude who played gunther… i’m sure you look better now that your hair doesn’t have to be “bright as the sun”)

  28. bad bunny

    ya know, i think that brad is at an age where he would like to fill the fatherhood void in his life…and he really has no time to waste. 40ish and one divorce on the record, face it he’s not getting any younger. we all know that he has had dreams of his own family and why not? after all he’s done the movies, made the millions and yet could’nt seem to make this happen with jennifer. i mean, come on jenn…how long were u gonna postpone his right to be a father? yet there is still something missing which he has happily found in maddox. as for angie, she’s a smart girl who is sure of what she wants for male companionship and it is obvious that her family will always be first before the men in her life.

    i wish the best for brad and angie, they are making themselves happy! so who cares what anyone thinks?

  29. mia

    oohh c’mone they are together!!!!
    Look it’s just there!!!

  30. nay

    I think you people need to learn how to spell!!!!
    Angie….she stinks, Brad………worse. They are made for each other. Look how she was with Thorton. She will get bored and move on, thats what wh***s do!

  31. la la

    angelina and brad suck!!!!!!! Her for being a hoe and him a cheater. poor maddox i think he was better off the way he was and then sahara poor baby she had a grandmother that wanted her and the whore had to have her way and take her from her family. she should have helped the childs grandmother by helping her. she wanted billy bob, got him became bored dropped him and so on. she will do the same with brad the pitts!!!!!!!!

  32. 33333333333

    I think you people need to learn how to spell!!!!
    Angie….she stinks, Brad………worse. They are made for each other. Look how she was with Thorton. She will get bored and move on, thats what wh***s do!

  33. Hey pepps !!..Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt go good together ,though wonder if they’ll stay togther ..?!love ya all ..;-)
    –Natasha E.

  34. katie

    Hey, what ever makes them happy! You can’t help who you fall in love with and you can’t help who you fall out of love with. It just makes them and the rest of us human. We don’t know who is at fault so there is no reason to place blame. Or maybe no one is at fault. I don’t know what’s going on in there life, and if people would focus on their life more than the one they see on TV, then they to can live a happy life. Just my opinion.

  35. talita

    It’s sad to have seen brad and jen break up. The two really had something going, and there was always so much love in their eyes for each other.As clearly seen by all, brad and angie clearly have chemistry, BUT it is all sexually supercharged in nature. There is no way we can put angie and jen together and compare them as their differences is very clear from the word go.whilst angie may seem very compassionate, i think all that weighs nothing if one is capable of romancing a married man.Regardless of whether they say they did not get together till after the break up.The fact that they got together after..clearly states that it was pre-thought of before the split. My main concern is the well being of the adopted children, being subjected to this way of life. angie if you really love your children as you claim to be, get a bit of stability in your life and stop potraying yourself as a sex symbol and seriously take on that role as a mother that you so ravenously covet…….

  36. Fun

    Is this relationship appropriate? Brad just got divorced and is on the re-bound. Angelina – tattoos, always wearing black, cutting herself, dating a married man, holding her child all the time – she seems depressed and codependent. This is a bad foundation for a long term relationship. They’re coming in with too much baggage.

  37. me

    I really admire Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I think they are meant for each other…! im happy for them!

  38. IrishBrunette

    Are you people serious??

    Commenting on the life of STRANGERS???

    Honestly, you all need to get a life.

  39. Peachy

    Happy Family Man! Yeah, what a freaky fuckin’ trio eh? Jolie will look like a blowfish when she gets older and Pitt will be long gone. The freakin’ kids, well… who knows.
    But I agree she’s a stinky cunt and deserves a smack.

  40. Who gives a flying F

    How can you make such hateful comments about “people” you don’t even know! If they are together do you think their going to be all over each other in front of the little boy? People grow up…

  41. whogives

    How can you make such hateful comments about “people” you don’t even know! If they are together do you think their going to be all over each other in front of the little boy? People grow up…

  42. hey

    Ok everyone Jennifer and Brad were such a cute couple they should be together.. Not brad and Angelina…Brad was most likely cheating on Jennifer with angelina the whole time caz it’s werid how they all of a sudden started goin out as soon as bad and jenn were done…Don’t u guys feel abd for Jenn at and Brand and angelina should watch wat the do infront of the lil boy..Peace out

  43. Ratsicle

    *laughs heartily at all the idiots who say ‘mind your own biz’* If celebrity gossip is such a paltry thing, and all these other people are ‘terrible’ for indulging in it… what the f*ck are you doing at a celebrity gossip site in the first place?

    Raging hypocrites.

    You know you love the hype like everyone else; stop acting so high and mighty.

  44. thalia

    they both sucks…!!!
    of course they are made for each other..
    the girl is a slut and the boy is asshole…!!
    just give it 4 or 5 years…. they gonna break up people!!!… we’ll see!!


  45. megamilf

    Jen you are the girl next door. But you can’t compete with Angie. She is a damn sex spore magnet!!!!

  46. Alison

    Hello guys! I would like to say just my opinion. I think both Angie and Brad make and seem a very cute couple. But I have to say also that the one who was fault in MY OPINION was Brad, because she was the only one who left Jen so it was he’s fault. And on the other side I think he gone with Angie because he Knew all the things were going to point at Angie as the one who break the happy couple.I would say Brad please mature a little bit and don’t be a silly boy because what you had you left it and what you have now won’t last if you don’t mature.

    Last night I killed an Angel. Sygn: Alison

  47. Cearley crazy

    Sons of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Miss. Jackson

    Angelina is beautiful, and Brad is gorgeous, no question about that. She is a strong independent humanitarian who can have any man or woman that she wants. Why Brad Pitt? After showing complete disregard and disrespect for his 8 year marriage to jennifer aniston that he callously flaunted in front of the entire world, this is the man that she wants? I have met countless men that are good with children, and if looks are a big part of it, I have met hotter guys then Brad Pitt. New York City Baby!! Brad Pitt is an actor with no class. And isn’t Jen with Vince Vaun. I would take him over Brad Pitt any day of the week, he tall, sexy, and funny as hell. What more do you want?

  49. Mrs. Mia Wallace

    I think that Angelina Jolie is still in love with Billy Bob Thorton, I dont care what any one says! He broke her heart and immediatly got his girlfriend knocked up. You may say she can have any man she wants but she can’t have Billy Bob. He was interviewed once and was asked “What was it like sleeping with the most beautiful women in the world?” he answered “kind of like sleeping with a sofa”. OUCH!! Everyone wants what they can’t have.

  50. Sheena


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