People Love Watching Beyonce Fall Down Some Stairs

At an Orlando, FL concert, Beyonce took a crazy spill down a flight of stars on stage, but jumped up at the end of it and continued dancing. However, the damage was already done, because enterprising fans managed to get the whole incident on tape. And despite Beyonce urging the audience, “If you taped that, please don’t put it on YouTube,” and SonyBMG trying to pull any existing clips that have been posted, they still keep on showing up on the Internet. Personally, I think B should just treat it like the fall itself, just get up and keep dancing. Yeah, so you took a face-plant. It’s not a sex-tape of you getting peed on. Be grateful for that. Unless someone took a pee on you at the end of your fall down the stairs in which case, “Eww,” and “I’m sorry, yeah, that is horrible.”