People I Want To Befriend: Russell Brand

Russell Brand
arrived at the Dublin premiere of Get Him To The Greek on Wednesday in a navel-bearing black shirt, tight white jeans and a double grommet belt (so Euro).  While greeting fans, Brand was treated to a fan’s knickers.  Said knickers, tossed at a confused Brand, were pink, cotton and floral.  Come on, fan.  At least give the man lace! reported on the premiere and witnessed another fan’s shameless Jedward promotion (you recall Jedward. Those Seacrest-ish twins from the UK’s X Factor).  Security had their work cut out for them that night by removing a promotional Jedward sticker off Brand’s back and carrying him out of a sea of screaming fans.

Brand lightly touched on his past substance abuse (he’s been clean since 2002), regarding it as research for the film. 

I play a drug addict and as I have been doing
extensive research on them for past 10 years, it was easy to portray
the role.
  I would prefer to get an Oscar as I reckon, I have got a chance.”

Now it’s time to marry Katy Perry and make white jean-clad babies.