People For the Ethical Treatment of Models

July 8th, 2004 // 5 Comments

Christian Dior’s Runway Mess. When I heard that models were puking and toppling off the runway because of heavy costumes, I knew something needed to be done.

John Galliano, the label’s head designer, apparently went overboard with his signature wacky corsets and heavy Turkish curtain-like fabrics. According to our source, “Alek Wek vomited before the show because her corset was too tight. And poor Karolina Kurkova — her dress was so heavy and awkward, when she walked down the runway, she lost her balance and fell off the runway completely. Because her outfit was so heavy it took four men to get her back up and going.” [via NYP]

I have decided to form PETM – People For the Ethical Treatment of Models.


I cannot stand for one more minute of the degradation and humiliation that these models put up with. How much fabric can a woman who weighs 80 pounds handle? Poor Naomi Campbell, she once had a shoe tied so tight that her foot fell asleep in the middle of a catwalk, that she needed to be carried off the runway. And Tyra Banks had her boobs lifted so high for so long during a photo shoot, that it took seven days for them to fall back into their natural hang. There need to be industry guidelines drawn up regarding these things.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sabi

    Too, too funny! You, Miu dahlink, are a rrriot!

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    jessica… stop huffing gaz.

  3. extremely funny about karolina kurkova.

  4. Pranab

    continue with your funny sentences

  5. jennie

    umm hi it was funny i puked a whole potatoe lst nite lolol

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