People Are Pissed At Tomkat AGAIN

November 21st, 2009 // 4 Comments

I can’t even believe this crap.  For several months now, pictures of Suri Cruise have been floating around wearing high heels (gasp!).

Well, now a bunch of weirdos think that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are endangering Suri’s growth by letting her wear them. even consulted a fancy foot doctor who said, “If a parent allows their child to wear the heels in moderation, that’s one thing, but who’s to say what is moderate for a three year old child.”

Ok, first of all, Shauna Sand’s kids are on the brink of going blind and no one says a word.  Now there are people complaining that Suri Cruise is wearing high heels too often?  Priorities, people.

Secondly, this child never uses her feet!  She’s carried everywhere!  And five bucks says that they keep a pair of Hello Kitty slippers in their Range Rover.

Gallery Info: Suri Cruise having a super meltdown with Katie Holmes in NYC.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Karen

    Give the little girl a break. Every little girl loves to play dress-up. She’s probably seen both of her parents in heels so much it’s only natural she wants to wear them too.

  2. sue

    Well the whole thing is that this child is only 3 not 21.
    They dress her way to old for her age.

  3. sue

    You play dress up at home not out everyday.
    This child is only 3 not 21, she’s dressed way to old for her age.
    She want’s to dress like her mother…….say no she’s only a kid not a adult.

  4. moi

    dress up is not everyday thing…not everytime you go shopping which I’m sure is almost everyday with these people. Dressing up as a kid is not an excuse — why don’t people don’t see that there is something wrong with this picture???? It may not be this spoiled rotten brat but the mother who doesn’t know how to be a parent. Forget the father –

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