People Give Their Opinion On The Presidential Debate…Before It Happened [VIDEO]

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Celebs react to the latest debate.
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Jimmy Kimmel decided to do a little experiment yesterday at 2pm on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The presidential debate aired at 6pm, so obviously no one on the west coast had the opportunity to see it.

The talk show host was curious about how many people actually paid attention to the election. Most people say their favorite candidate was who they’re voting for, so it’s easy to lie and say they did a good job.

What about the other questions he asked? Without watching the actual debate you can’t answer which parts were your favorite because you definitely have no clue which ones were. Are you Team Barack Obama or Team Mitt Romney?

Do these people give their opinions on the so-called debate, or are they able to realize there was a debate at all on the 15th? Check out the video above to see what happened!