People Are Talking About Kate Middleton’s Fringe [PHOTOS]

Duchess Kate's Hair
Various photos of Her Royal Highness's locks.
Kate's Hats
HRH and those jaunty headpieces
Kate's Hairstlylist Speaks!
James Pryce talks with SL about his famous client.
People are split on the Duchess of Cambridge’s new “fringe.”  Some like it, some loathe it.  Buzzfeed brilliantly photoshopped Catherine’s face onto a handful of celebrities who rock bangs on the regular: Beyonce, Jessica Biel and Carly Rae Jepson are just a few famous faces replaced with HRH’s.

If you take a looksie at Catherine’s hair through the ages (and by ages, I mean since she graduated University in 2005), sister’s always had a bit of a fringe.

Sometimes it was more pronounced than others, but it’s pretty much been there the whole time.  However, last night at the Natural History Museum, it was just as prominent as her green Mulberry dress

“I think Kate’s fringe plays into her retro style-a very modern brunette Farrah Fawcett!” celebrity hairstylist Cherry Petenbrink told me.  “She kept the length, but adding a fringe gave it a new, hip vibe.  The look still has a soft romantic tone that works for a class act like Kate Middleton!

“But I believe people react the way they do to any adjustments she makes because she is not known for making drastic changes; Kate has a look which she’s known for.  I think it just gets people revved up because she’s changing something up even though it’s not very different.

“Of course we would like to think that this means a new chapter, perhaps alluding to something new and exciting up ahead.  Or it may be that she has found a look that fits her age and time right now.”

Sound off, troops.  Do you love the hair?  Hate it?  A very important matter, indeed.  Right up there with the fiscal cliff.

I still want that hair.  It just doesn’t quit.  Richard Ward, whatever you do in that salon of yours is working.  The shine and the bounce…

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