Pentatonix Count (And Sing) To Five On ‘Sesame Street’

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Never before has counting sounded like so much fun!

Pentatonix are one of my favorites currently on Youtube. Their songs are so catchy and it’s impossible to listen just once.

Before Lorde won any Grammys, the band covered her song “Royals”. They were the ones who actually caused me to enjoy the song. Before their cover, I just couldn’t get into it.

After you become a big, inspiring star, what comes next? Sesame Street, of course!

It would be the coolest thing to appear on a show you once watched numerous times as a child. Sesame Street and Arthur were the best shows on television when I was a kid!

Over on their own channel, they talked about who their favorite characters are. Mine has always been Elmo!

Not only did they discuss favorites, but they also created a very exciting mash-up of “C is for Cookie/Rubber Ducky.

Interested in watching that? Click below and all of your dreams will come true!

Don’t forget to tune into the episode on February 7th! It’ll be a magical musical experience!