Pennsylvania Town Goes Crazy Thinking Jay Z and Beyonce Will Be Neighbors

Well, if Jay-Z and Beyonce were actually planning on moving to Schuylkill County, Pa., lord knows they aren’t now! The small town area is in a frenzy over the rumor that the mega-watt duo would be moving to an $11 million property in the area and people are going legit crazy!

An AP article reports that two college students
from nearby Pottsville and Ringtown, drove up to the front gate of the house one one day this week to take pictures in front of their potential “neighbs” house!

“I’m gonna tell everyone I’m their neighbors. It’s insane!” Brooke Shilling, 20, squealed. 

Anne Tomtishen, 23, added “Maybe she’ll have babies. That would be awesome!” Beyonce, warning: get out of there while you still can! Plus, who wants to live in coal-mining country? The pair, who recently
, seem to be doing just fine in their city slicker lifestyle, clubbing late into the night yesterday in NYC

The rumor is on everyone’s lips from the local groceries stores to colleges and banks. However, the real estate agent listing the house says it is all hooey.

“I am just humored,” she said. “We have no idea what the deal is or
where it got started. … We are just being bombarded with craziness.
This is so absurd!”

Yet Jay-Z and Beyonce’s reps have not commented. Pennsylvania, get ready for some heat!