Penn Badgley’s Photo Shoot Reveals That Starving Artists Have Killer Abs

Penn Badgley may claim not to have much classical acting training, but he certainly knows how to pose mournfully for the camera. The “Gossip Girl” cutie, who plays Dan Humphrey on the CW show, made like a struggling New York actor/Calvin Klein magazine ad in this photo shoot that has him lounging around on a bare mattress. I think this might actually be the first time I haven’t solely referred to him as the “Dashboard Confessional-lead-singer-clone” so congrats, Penn, on having had created your own identity with me. According to Badgley, he believes that all the training in the world can’t make up for real-life experience, when it comes to acting. “I don’t think it matters what you studied, I think working is the best training,” is what the 21-year-old had to say on the subject. And with these monochromatic pix of the actor in front of me, I have to say that he’s also still in the running toward becoming America’s Most Prettiest Boy.

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