Penn Badgely Is Totally Messing With Blake Lively’s Head

Penn Badgely
is the guy who didn’t get the breakout hunk label on Gossip Girl. Chace Crawford did. You know this one wanted it. He has that intense actor boy face going on. We get it, you’re committed to your craft. What we don’t know is if you’re committed to your co-star, Blake Lively. He’s all wishy-washy about it!

Penn and Blake, 20, were recently spotted vacationing on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, yet he seems to not want to put a label on things. Typical dude trick. Watch out, Serena!

“Obviously, there’s chemistry there,” the actor, 21, says. “She’s a great girl. We have to draw a line, at some point, with our personal lives, because otherwise, ya know, when do people stop?”

I don’t know. Third base? Penn dug his hole deeper when he also claimed to not be a fan of “on-set romances.” So what are you doing splashing around with her in Mexico and trying to fumble inside her bikini top, dude? Was one of you fired from Gossip Girl?

“I think they cause a lot of drama,” he said, adding, “God, I’m being so cryptic.” And you’re being an ass. I’d rather someone chew and screw than give me this mealy-mouthed bullshit!

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