Penn Badgley Shows Off His Scruffy Self For ‘Greeting From Tim Buckley’ At The Tribeca Film Festival [PHOTOS]

Penn Badgley
The star joined other studs at a 'Cosmo' event.
He might not be on our TVs anymore, but that doesn’t mean that Penn Badgley is any less hot.

The former Gossip Girl star hit the Tribeca Film Festival this week for the premiere of his newest movie, Greetings From Tim Buckley. Penn plays real life singer Jeff Buckley at a very interesting time in his life as he tries to reconcile his past with his present.

So, not only do we get to see Penn showing off some major acting chops, but we also get to hear him sing, which is awesome. And as Penn told The Wall Street Journal, singing was his original passion. “It’s been something I’ve had to keep on the back burner for a long, long time because of my acting career.” But now that Gossip Girl is done he’s ready to take it on! 

“I have time to play now that I’m not on the show anymore.” So, does this mean we’re gonna get an album out of him some time soon? While we don’t know the answer to that, we do know that we love Penn Badgley no matter what he’s in. Especially when he’s being cute and posing with co-star Imogen Poots. Those two are adorable.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Penn’s Tribeca portrait session. Are you as excited about see him in Greetings From Tim Buckley as we are? I’m so excited about all the singing! And the long hair.