Penn Badgley Portrays The Late Rock Musician Jeff Buckley, Recently Performed Buckley Songs [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Penn Badgley
The star joined other studs at a 'Cosmo' event.
The 25-year old dashing Margin Call actor , Penn Badgley, stars in a third film biopic on legendary songwriter and musician Jeff Buckley. Badgley took on the lead role in Greetings From Tim Buckley, a film directed by Daniel AlgrantThe third film titled  A Pure Drop: The Life of Jeff Buckley after the book.

Vulture interviewed Badgley on his role in the first Buckley film last year. “It has influenced me and inspired me and changed my own music, and my vision, I think, as an artist. And, you know, the reason I’m telling you is because, obviously, there’s a whole lot of people who are skeptical, so I would … I just want to be clear that I’m very moved by the opportunity, and I really am giving myself to it,” said the dedicated star.

On the film and its entirety, the star shared details about the depiction and focus of this film.” This is looking at him [Buckley] when he first came to New York City and is basically discovering himself and his voice and his style, and is first breathing life into the music that he eventually created. “

It is clear that the Gossip Girl star planned on playing the role with conviction and to embody the true talented musician in all aspects from learning guitar chords to keying-in on vocals.

Despite the rumors of Badgley starring in another biopic depicting Jeff Buckley’s short-lived and glorious life, one thing is for sure. The actor conveys Buckley’s music well, and that itself is an understatement. The actor recently was spotted in New York performing a Jeff Buckley cover of Lilac Wine and two other numbers live on-stage.

A hungry Badgley was seen on the set of Gossip Girl grabbing a bite to eat on August 2. The actor’s curly locks parted perfectly on one side, clean shaven, and in good spirits on the set. Badgley wore a striped grey-and-white tee and denim trousers.

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Who better to plat Jeff’s role in a film than Penn Badgley? Care to share your Jeff Buckley actor picks?