Penn Badgley On The Unlikely ‘Gossip Girl’ Coupling

When the seed of a Dan-Blair romance was planted on Gossip Girl, I resisted.  What a cliche to put Queen B and Lonely Boy together.  After the past two episodes, I found my resistance wavering.  I wanted so badly for the budding courtship to not happen because I hated them together.  Now, after scenes of witty banter and a string of yesteryear films, I find myself giving into the Manhattan-Brooklyn connection.  Fine, fall for one another.  But Serena won’t be pleased to find her best friend holding hands with her ex-boyfriend/stepbrother.  Ewww.

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Penn Badgley talked to MTV News at Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2011 Fun Fearless Males party and he was all about his character’s flight of fancy:  “It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton. I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted.”

Check out more of what Badgely had to say after the jump, INCLUDING some scoop on how Vanessa and Serena will react to Gossip Girl’s newest lovebirds.  And while we’re all waiting for April 18th to roll around, catch some pics of Badgley (in some questionable skinny jeans) on the New York set yesterday with co-stars Blake Lively, Connor Paolo and Chace Crawford.