Penn Badgley Enjoys A Banana, Shows Off Biceps On ‘Cymbeline’ Set

Penn's Big Balls
Penn Badgley embraces some big yellow balls.
Penn Badgley was spotted enjoying some downtime and eating a banana, prior to filming a scene on the set of the movie Cymbeline in Brooklyn, NYC with Ethan Hawke earlier today (August 22, 2013).

The former Gossip Girl and Greetings From Tim Buckley actor will play the orphan Posthumus. For those familiar with the original play, the character secretly marries the daughter of King Cymbeline and is banished by the monarch who raised Posthumus as a son.

Ed Harris and Milla Jovovich are also part of the cast in the Brian Horiuchi directed movie, which is set in corruption-riddled 21st century America and focuses on the battle between dirty cops and a drug-dealing biker gang. 

Check out all the pics of Penn and Ethan by launching the gallery!

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