Javier Bardem And Penelope Cruz Frolic On The Beach

January 11th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Here’s Javier Bardem and girlfriend Penelope Cruz splish-splashing on the beach on the island of Fernando de Noronha. Penelope’s happy she finally has a real man. She couldn’t find the right one, so she was dating gay guys and flirting with lesbianism with her best pal and to boost her brother’s singing career. Now she’s got this solid hunk of Latino machismo and he’s doing her right. Happy New Year, Penelope!

Photos: Flynet Online

More photos of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem enjoying each other and the beach are after the jump.

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Photos: Flynet Online

By J. Harvey

  1. Ann

    I love these two together! They just look right with each other. I hope it lasts, because he’s one seriously HOT man.

  2. awesome

    Please… I would date gay men for the right amount of zeros on a check as well. And now look at her, she has a super sexy/handsome lover… Kudos Penelope!

  3. whatevs

    Does he wear that shirt in the pool too? I guess ‘solid hunks of latino machismo’ and obese canadian fifth graders aren’t so different after all.

  4. x

    at least she has a fairly normal body, not all concave in the middle and shit. i am sick of seeing those skinny girls on beaches showing off bodies they work out for 8 hours a week to get. i could look like that if i didn’t have a job but was magically rich, too.

  5. amarjeet kumar

    very sexy girl

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