Trashy Florida Teen Flips Off Judge, Gets Her Ass Thrown In Jail [VIDEO]

February 5th, 2013 // 2 Comments
Ah, what a rambunctious young lady

Anyone who’s watched a movie about the law knows not to tick off a judge.

Florida teenager Penelope Soto was held in contempt of court and sentenced to 30 days in jail for giving Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat the finger.  Wait, it gets better.

What led to this well-deserved punishment was a string of giggles, hair-playing, indirect answers and a flippant “adios” from Soto after her hearing for possession of Xanax bars. 

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat was having none of it.  The adios came after he initially set bail at $5,000.  RC brought Soto back before him and raised the bail to $10,000.  Soto got pissed and accompanied her middle finger with a “F**k You,” which went over like a lead balloon.


By Kelly Lynch
  1. Well its pretty easy to see that whatever douchebag wrote this article is nothing but a hater. Penelope is hot!

  2. guest

    Before the “final” act, where the woman cursed the judge:
    Yes, she was disrespectful (pretty likely due to being under the influence of some drug), but nothing like what is tolerated in German courts. What I don’t understand is why the judge doubled her fine or bail apparently just because of the “Adios” she said. Just before that he had said, “Bye-bye.” I don’t see how “Adios” is demeaning or disrespectful (the +way+ she said might be interpreted that way), but “Bye-bye” (and the +way+ it was said by the judge) to a young adult sure seems to be to me.

    A judge is, as Kafka has shown us, in a terribly powerful position, with the balance of power nothing like the scales of blind justice. We should not fear judges. We should be able to speak our civil word and be treated respectfully in turn by judges.

    Yes, the young woman was not behaving well, but the judge also mis-stepped and then over-reacted. Civility is a two-way road.

    Please note, I am referring to what happened before she cursed the judge and made a vulgar act.

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