Penelope Disick Looks Ridiculously Cute As She Hangs With Grandma, Kris Jenner

Kourtney & Penelope
The Kardashian sister shows off her little girl.
Is it just me, or does Penelope Disick get cuter every time we see her?

The tiniest Kardashian was spotted landing in Greece with the rest of her famous family today as she was toted around by doting grandma, Kris Jenner. Grandma even took Penelope to the toy section of the airport where you just know she had to resist the urge to buy all the toys in the world for Penelope and brother Mason.

Penelope looked super adorable and comfortable in a little matador looking outfit. I won’t lie, when we first saw Penelope I did not think she would turn out as cute as this. Think Kim Kardashian’s baby is gonna be adorable like Penelope and Mason? 

Well I hope those Kardashians have a good time in Greece, because people are gonna be all over them as soon as this vacation is over. Oh, who am I kidding? People are gonna be all over them during the vacation, too.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Penelope and her grandma. She did get passed over to mommy Kourtney for a bit, but you know she missed grandma. Tell us who your favorite Kardashian is in the comments!