Penelope Cruz Wants Son Leonardo To Lead An Anonymous Life

May 19th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

And other reasons to love her.

Penelope Cruz continues to knock me out with her flawless red carpet choices for all of the Pirate premieres: LA, Cannes, Russia, London and now Madrid (check out the gallery). And Johnny Depp has praised her as being “an inconceivably phenomenal mommy.”

But, it’s a rarity that an A-List actress keeps her baby on lock down from the paps in a method of protecting them from the madness that is fame. (Yeah, I’m talking to you Holmes).

When Penelope spoke with Vogue magazine this month, she said,

“I want my son – and my kids if I have more – to grow up in a way that is as anonymous as possible. The fact that his father and I have chosen to do the work that we do doesn’t give anybody the right to invade our privacy.”

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Well said. Just keep the baby away from tio Eduardo and (future tia?), Eva Longoria.

By Priscilla Rios

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