Penelope Cruz Totes Baby On Set, Husband Javier Bardem Is A Bond Villain

Well it seems like Javier Bardem is really taking to the villain image he created in No Country for Old Men. Javier confirmed that he will be playing the villain in the next James Bond film. He told Nightline, “I am very excited. My parents took me to watch the movies and I saw all of them. So to play that is going to be fun.”

Wife Penelope Cruz is probably thrilled with the evilness. She was spotted on the set of her new film Venuto Al Mondo in Rome, but made sure to take some time and play with baby Leo. That Leo is very much the world traveler. Right now he’s in Rome and not too long ago he was in Sarajevo having ice cream with parents. Well, he didn’t eat any.

PHOTOS: Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem Have on Set Film Date

I’m still amazed by how fantastic Penelope looks all the time and especially after having given birth not too long ago. Few people can put on a red dress, hold a fan and look as goddess-like as she did. I bet Javier gets up every morning and counts his blessings. I know I would. Not to say he’s not a sexy catch.

What do you think of Javier as the next Bond villain? I think it could be awesome. Can’t wait to see what kind of haircut they give him this time. Check out the photos of Penelope and Leo in the gallery then tell us what you think in the comments.