Peaches Geldolf Acknowledges Having Sex With Stranger, Just Not The Heroin And Scientology Center Part

More details have emerged in this heartwarming story of anonymous sex and alleged drug use. Yesterday, we brought you the adorable photos of Peaches Geldof posing naked with a man, whom Gawker now reveals as Ben Mills. Mr. Mills lives in Williamsburg and has “Big Ben” tattooed on his penis.

Well this just keeps getting better and better.

“Peaches Geldof, or at least her lawyer Jonathan Coad does, has a thing or two to say about the whole incident. She admits to posing for the photos, but denies pretty much every thing else.

“The allegations that our client was carrying and injecting herion [sic] are also denied, our client having consumed alcohol with the other individual leading to the ‘highs’ described and portrayed in the photographs. The evident unreliability of the source emerges from the also fictitious description of their trip to a scientology center. Had you undertaken any checking or research before making this posting you would have learned that nobody who is not a member of that organisiation is permitted into such buildings.”

Well, at least Ben has a good story to tell. However, Eli Roth may want to re-think this one.