Paz Del La Huerta Wears Wacky Wardrobe While Filming ‘Nurse 3D’

Oh Paz, you’ve done it again! 27-year-old Paz De La Huerta is pretty unpredictable when it comes to behavior and wardrobe. In the past, she has shown up to the Golden Globes plastered drunk, been arrested for assaulting Samantha Swetra and does not mind being naked at all. Now she is filming in Toronto, Canada her new flick ‘Nurse 3D’ and according to Daily Mail, producers think she is just what they need.

“Paz is the perfect actress for this role and has already been such an inspiration to the whole project. She brings an intensity and a sense of adventure to this role that is so promising,” said Tim Palen.

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Seen here, Paz de la Huerta sports one crazy wardrobe while on set filming her new movie ‘Nurse 3D’ in Toronto, Canada on October 13th. Nobody knows what the eye patches are for. Nobody understands that weird body condom she is wearing with the terrible looking puffy black coat. She also poses weird on the red carpet. There usually isn’t much to understand about Paz, but recently she gave a killer performance in the latest episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’.