Pay No Attention To Angelina Jolie

January 27th, 2006 // 57 Comments

Pay no attention to the pretty people. Focus on the issues at hand people.

Jolie is in Davos, Switzerland, in her position as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency.

She spoke at the forum to lobby for the increase in humanitarian efforts in war-torn areas such as Afghanistan, and urged business leaders and politicians at the meeting not to be dazzled by her celebrity presence.

Jolie said, “I just think if I can ask anything it’s for everybody in this room, including myself, to stay focused on the issues. “To follow up on Darfur, to watch what is happening in the courts, to follow up on Nepal … on Afghanistan.”

More photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the World Economic Forum after the jump.

Jolie Warns Starstruck Forum [contactmusic]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. She really isn’t aging well…

  2. anon

    LMFAO!! What do you wear to a forum to lobby for the increase in humanitarian efforts in war-torn areas? Your huge Fendi bag and gold Cartier watch, of course!

  3. catters

    forget the Jolie-Pitt’s, um, hello, Bono? Sadly, that would be where my attention would be if I were in attendance…

  4. Lory

    Is it just me or do they both look old and haggard and Brad looks like he is trying to look smart!

  5. god

    Angie and brad are gorgeous people, inside and out. They make a dazzling couple. Team Jolie!!!!

  6. Slacker

    I agree, Team Jolie all they way!! Jennifer Aniston is ugly and deserved to get dumped on her ass because she was never good enough for Brad anyway. It is so great the way Brad continues to make her look bad, there he is saving the world and she is hanging out with nasty Vince Vaughn and showing off her tiny little boobies in a desperate attempt for attention. What a loser.

  7. ninaradio

    Is it just me, or did that redhead (in the first of the three lower pictures) look like Lauren Holly? Bizarre.

    I don’t know…if they can shine a spotlight on the needs of the less fortunate, I’m all for it. But I’m not sure Angelina Jolie is doing that. Bono makes noise about Africa so that you can’t ignore the reason why he’s going here there and everywhere. Angelina gets the photogs to follow her, but is quiet enough that the focus stays on Pitt/Jolie gossip, not the people she’s supposed to be helping.

  8. Anna

    OMG, like, my close personal friends Angie and Brad are, like, SO BEAUTIFUL and SUCH GREAT PEOPLE, so much better than that other dog face, who I happen to know personally also, JEN “Giant chin/potheat/breast implants/random rumor insult” ANNISTON, who is horrible and deserves to be dumped by every guy and SO UGLY that she’s a famous actress.
    Yawn. People, c’mon, is this Jr High all over again? Can’t we do what she says and pay attention to the issues and get over the Team Jolie/Brangelia/Anniston crap?

  9. jennifer the lame tv actress

    slacker i loooove your comment! yes, the reason they may look tired is because they are tireless and insistent in being involved in things that help the less fortunate. yet, they manage to still look stunning. i really like these two together. it is a mature and intelligent relationship. unlike ditzy jennifer sunbathing and whining. go team jolie! we are winning this one, hands down.

  10. Slacker

    No, Anna, we can’t get over it. But what we can do is tell you that you are an idiot, your post makes no sense, and that you need to find a new blog if you don’t like this one. May I suggest that you start your own since you’re obviously so much cooler than the rest of us?

  11. dood


    I don’t see Aniston in any of these pictures, so why the Fvck is she being mentioned?

  12. I'd look tired too...

    I’d look tired too if I was traveling so much and pregnant as well. Give her a break. She’s pregnant, a mother of two, and doing much more than I would ever do (other than to write a check to charities) to promote awareness to Africa, etc…She still looks attractive to me even if she looks rough.

  13. Shannon

    For Christ’s sake – why doesn’t Bono shave his freakin’ head already???

  14. doofus

    hmmm…anna’s comment made perfect sense to me.

    all this “aniston is ugly” crap IS so junior high.

    I think the reason Ang looks tired is because she is 1) tired, 2) pregnant and 3) NOT MADE UP AND PRIMPED FOR THE CAMERAS.

    This is her au natural…and she still looks pretty good to me.

  15. Anna

    No offense intended to anyone on the blog, my post was meant to illustrate the irony of her statement in that we, being consumers of the media, can’t seem to stay focused on the issues at present.
    I love the goss as much as anyone else here, I’m just tiring of the old this team vs that team scenario. It’s much more fun when it’s Team Celebrity Gossipers united against these ridiculous people and their antics. The Brad/Angelina situation really resonated with many people, and I can totally understand that. But it’s been months now, and everything really has come out — yes, they’re together. Yes, she’s pregnant. There’s really no connection with any of these people; there is no “we” when referring to celebrities. So can’t we all move on and unite, once again, as gossips who love to laugh and point at famous people?

  16. hydepark4

    So tired of the overbearing Bono. (sigh) Not really loving the “Elvis” incarnation that Brad is doing. How I long for the blond Brad.

  17. the stick in anna's butt

    anna, you are on a celebrity gossip blog! what do you expect? the secret cure to herpes? give me a break. we are here to dish dish dish! it is fun.

    better than crying over a dead aunt or uncle or something. we, as fans, feel aligned to a team. we feel entitled to at least that in exchange for the $11 plus $5 popcorn we pay for when we see these people’s films. we made them rich, technically. the least we can do is, for fun, get on a team. who cares if jennifer is not the subject here. she is brought up to show how lame she is on vanity fair while these two are involved in important matters. go team jolie!

  18. Slacker

    I agree, Brad’s hair does look bad. Almost looks like a wig, although I doubt that’s the case. I think he just dyed it to match Angelina’s. :-)

  19. Anna

    Yes, but it’s all in the timing — you do realize you’re on a team that no longer exists, right?
    Brad and Jennifer are divorced. Angelina is pregnant, and obviously working together with Brad to make a life and family. Screaming “Team Jolie” isn’t exactly relevant, as there are no teams anymore, the game is over! You don’t have to hate one of them so you can love the other, and frankly, all these fervent displays of attachment to people we don’t know personally can be a little creepy.
    In response to the Jen/Vanity Fair comment, I don’t find it any less lame that Angelina took the opportunity to draw attention to herself by proclaiming that she doesn’t want attention. They’re famous because they wanted the attention in the first place.

    Brad looks even more Benicio-esque here, with the long dark floppy hair on top and the sideburns!

  20. Fugly Girl

    hydepark4, you took the words right outta my mouth. When is he going to lose the dark do? Let’s get back to the blonde, chiseled hunk we all know and love……..except for those who think he is a liar and cheater.

  21. paleface

    Total props to Anna. Fuck the haters, honey. You can praise Jolie/Pitt without disparaging Jennifer Aniston.

  22. Back Sass

    How exactly are Brad and Angelina making the world a better place? Going to photo ops and looking serious? BFD! Adopting a couple of kids? Big deal. I specifically seek out clothes made in sweatshop in the third world because I am trying to help put food on the table of children everywhere, but it’s not like I’m asking for any kind of humanitarian of the year award.

  23. doofus

    and anna, let’s not forget the (I think) Vanity Fair photo shoot Brad and Angie did with them posing as the perfect 50′s nuclear family.

    to all the “brad’s black hair” haters…I agree he looks better blond, but supposedly the black hair is for the Jesse James movie.

    Like lohan going blond for “Prairie”, I think he’ll go back when filming’s done. at least, I hope so.

  24. The hair is bad

    I think Doofus is right. The black hair is for the Jesse James movie. It doesn’t do anything for his coloring…ugh…I sooo want the blond hair back too. Totally off subject, I went to see Munich last weekend, I have a new found respect for Eric Bana. HOT and can ACT!

  25. A Normal Person

    Reading these posts helps me understand why celebrities hire bodyguards and fear stalkers. The obsession with Brad Pitt’s hair color is both sad and laughable.

  26. dood

    “Screaming “Team Jolie” isn’t exactly relevant, as there are no teams anymore”


  27.'s a GOSSIP BLOG....

    Normal person…why are you even on this blog? This is a place to go for gossip. Yes, gossip has its limits…children are off limits (okay, not to some people but certainly for me), but why come if you don’t want the gossip? Geez…it’s hypocritical.

  28. Brad Pitt's Hair

    i wouldn’t say it’s obsession anyway… more like discussion, or speculation
    surely after jesse james, we’ll see brad back to his hot self. or at least i hope so.

  29. Brad's Hair

    Sorry, but Brad’s hair is so bad that color. He looks like a pasty old man with a toupee on.

  30. The Stick is Officially & Permanently Inserted in Anna's Butt


  31. Woof

    She’s such a poser. Pout, pout, pout, look, I’m saving the world!! She’s disgusting and he no less.

  32. She's scary

    i hate that woman’s repulsive face.

    And if someone says I’m just jealous, I’ll kick your Internet ass.

  33. skull&bones

    so brad starts dressing like angie and angie gets brad’s pitt face..damn girl, where is the pregnancy “glow”..cause you surely aint got it…
    go home and eats some fucking ice cream and stay outta the picture for the next 3 months..

  34. Fugly Girl

    A Normal Person, reading your post makes me realize that you need to take that stick out of your a**. We’re here to dish on celebs and last time I checked analyzing celebs hair color is about as deep as People and US Weekly go. Why don’t you get back to your Newsweek blog.

  35. Sexy Lauren

    Hey “She’s Scary” you are jealous of Angelina!

  36. To Sexy Lauren

    I’m gonna kick your ass!

  37. Sexy Lauren

    I might enjoy it! wink wink…

    p.s i’d rather brad or angelina do it (kick my ass). yum.

  38. skull&bones

    brad will only kick your ass if angie says he can first..

  39. Madi

    Angie looks great..don’t worry the pounds will come and she will be home when she is too big to do anything. I am not digging the Brad look at the moment, bring back the “FightClub” look..yummy.

  40. lady

    i thinks its really dumb when pppl say that they are on Jolie’s side for no other reason besides Jen’s ugliness. Yes, she is ugly, yes she makes no good movies, yes she never deserved to be with Brad in the first place but lets not forgot that she is still a person and she still has feelings and what her husband and his hypocrite mistress did to her was anything but nice.

    On a sidenote i find it hard to believe that a woman who cares so much about all the children, the sick and the poor of the world doesnt even blink when committing moral errors in her personal life…

    p.s: i always maintained that Jolie never looked good without make up and photoshopping and finally there is proof. She looks sick. Ultra bulging eyes, saggy skin, wrinkles,veiny, skinny greyish skin tone. The sexiest woman on earth? is that a joke? look at her!

  41. “lady”, let’s see your picture. how do you compare to angelina? the girl was a model before she was an actress. ugly, you say, huh? do you look better?

  42. shutuplady

    Yeah, she is a real eyesore!

  43. elaine

    Surely there were more important people in that room than Angelina Jolie. Does she think she is irresistible? How vane! If she is that distracting, perhaps she should be asked to leave so the star struck grown-ups can get down to serious business.

  44. elaine's spell check

    elaine, vain is spelled v-a-i-n not “vane”.

    also angelina is being misquoted again. she is saying to focus on the issues at hand because reporters are always ready to ask her about her personal life instead of her charity work. she should not leave the room. her presence there, sadly enough, will bring more attention to the issue than it normally would. such is the world of celebrity crazed media. so i am glad she, brad, and bono understand that and use their fame to bring attention to good causes.

    she looks gorgeous even when tired. what a beauty.

  45. elaine

    elaine’s spell check said:

    Thank you for your correction. I responded to this article in haste. Of course, I know how to spell “vain” correctly. I also know how to use upper case letters.

  46. lady

    Dear “Louise”:
    It’s quite strange that you are defending a person you have never met before in such a vicious manner. Judging by your aggressive response it seems that I have offended you deeply. For the record pointing out that someone was a model doesn’t make that person beautiful. Paris Hilton is a model. Are you saying that Paris Hilton is beautiful?
    As to posting my own picture, what is the point? We all know you wont look at it and evaluate it rationally.

    Dear “shutuplady”:
    I respect Louise for at least trying to justify why she finds Angelina attractive. But you just said a thing without even backing up so I really have nothing to say to you.

  47. Elaine should thank me for teaching her how to spell

    of course you know how to spell “vain” – now – because i just taught it to you.

    upper case challenged

  48. Audacte

    I just think that all those poor people around the world are so lucky to have such good looking and brilliant stars, like Brad and Angelina, rooting for them. Look at the seriousness with which Brad is listening. He is taking it all in. Not only a movie star, an architect, a photo-shoot director, but now.. savior to the poor. Unlike that stupid Microsoft person who just puts his money where his mouth is by creating and managing foundations. Of course, Brad and Angeline are brilliant. They know that by going to all these events, pictures will be taken. Those pictures will prove how high their attendance is and how serious these issues are. Look at how serious Brad and Angelina look. Those pictures will prove that they are doing more than just giving money to help, they are giving their time. But, there is a balance because they are stars, brilliant and caring stars. What they spend on private jet fuel could fund a school in Africa for 25 years or feed a village for 5 years. What they spend maintaining multiple houses would support a 3rd world school or village for many times more thant 25/5. No matter, what matters are those pictures!! And, those pictures with the children will show how well they are educating their children about the injustices of the world as they travel from continent to continent. Thank God for those pictures!! Thank God for these two brilliant and caring movie stars!

  49. elaine

    Dear, dear “Elaine’s spell check” and “Elaine should thank me for teaching her how to spell”,

    I don’t know what to call you, since you use only my name. I can think of a few choice words.

    I read the article on this blog and made a response regarding the article. I didn’t respond in order to be corrected by someone who is obviously rude and hides behind the name of another person.

    Why don’t you zero in on someone else to anonymously criticize? I’m certain that you could have that superior feeling over and over again, if you’ll just move on down the list.

  50. lady

    Audacte I agree with u a 100%.

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