Paulina Rubio Launches Lipstick

(Mavrix Photo)

Paulina Rubio, the Latina superstar, hit the M.A.C. store on Robertson Blvd. to launch her new Rubia lipstick. She vamped things up all night by continually reapplying her lipstick throughout the night.

M.A.C knows how to fill a party with pretty people. The dozen or so male cocktail waiters were straight out of central casting–young, chiseled and hot. I’m told most of them–if not all–were hires from, an agency that provides, well, stunning-looking help.

But Rubio had eyes for only one man in the room–her fiancé, Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera. I’m told they’re getting married in about a month and a half, but Rubio hasn’t even picked out her dress yet. In fact, she’s been so busy with work–she’s currently on tour–that yesterday was the only time M.A.C could snag her for a couple of hours.

“I’ll be dressed totally in white,” she recently told People en Español of her wedding gown. “I want a very simple design, because that day I want to shine more than the dress. I’ll have a few dresses ready, and I won’t decide which one I’ll wear until the last minute.”

(Mavrix Photo)

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(Mavrix Photo)