Paula’s Reaching

July 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Paula Abdul imagines that the reason why people think she’s hammered all the time is because of her “adorable personality”. Does she really think that? When you become that delusional, is that considered hitting bottom. She actually told David Letterman this.

While Paula Abdul’s intoxicating brand of incoherence has many, including David Letterman, questioning her sobriety, the tragically delicious “American Idol” trainwreck told the “Late Show” host that the reason people think she’s always drunk is because of her “adorable personality.”

After Paula told David how endearing she is, the 45-year-old added, “Wouldn’t you want me around 24/7?”

A thousand times “no”. Unless I had an injury and needed some pain killers. She must be a treasure trove of illicit pharmaceuticals.


By J. Harvey

  1. my god

    people need to stop analyzing every word paula says. she was making a joke.

  2. yea

    she is definitely adorable! Anyone who saw her on friday Night Project in the UK the other week would agree! very charming

  3. Paula should lay off the muscle relaxers and actually get some sleep, maybe then people wouldn’t think she was drunk.

  4. Lulu

    J. Harvey, like you need an injury.

    And whoever thinks she’s not jacked up on all kinds of prescription drugs… uh… no one acts that effed up from being “exhausted” or “adorable”, I’m sorry.

  5. Bill Cosby

    She’s totally hot, though. Plus if she’s always drunk, she’s probably totally easy. Plus, the muscle relaxants will make her cornelius super easy to get in. I gotta move to her neighborhood.

  6. jbonz

    I know the chicks I run with get more adorable when they’re hammered…no, wait, when I’m hammered.

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