Paula Abdul To Host Flash Mob Dance Show?

Paula Abdul just can’t seem to make up her mind about what her next TV move will be! The most recent rumor is that the ex-American Idol judge and director Kenny Ortega will star on an NBC flash mob dance show where the two choreograph mass musical numbers for public spaces.

Um…what?! I love a good viral video as much as the next person, but I think I’d rather watch crazy people dancing to “My Favorite Things” at the train station for like, five minutes on YouTube. Paula had been in a $1 million development deal with ABC that would make her appear on Dancing With The Stars before joining Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. That deal soon turned into Paula (pictured at the broadway show ‘In
The Heights’ March 16) possibly judging a 2010 summer reboot of Star Search, which has now been nixed. Confused? So am I. Why can’t she just order up another season of Hey Paula?