Paula Abdul Rouses Herself From Drugged Stupor Long Enough To Discuss Her Boyfriend

Paula Abdul was talking about her new man on the Today show this morning. God help that guy. Hand her the wrong pill bottle and she’ll try to run you down with the limo. How does he understand what she’s saying?

She’s dating restaurateur J.T. Torregiani, she admits.

On Wednesday’s Today show, host Matt Lauer teased the Hey Paula and American Idol star that she once compared her romantic life to “a horror movie.” He then asked if she were currently dating.

Acting coy, Abdul replied that things were “looking upwards – things are looking good right now.”

Paula had been seeing Torregiani for about a month, and referred to him as “a good guy”. It’s nice that she was able to find a chapter 2 to her career. Sure it involves her being unintelligible, and stumbling around high all the time and possibly seducing young singers – but it beats cat-fighting with Traci Bingham and Vince Neil in a house for a week or getting screamed at to lose weight on VH-1.