Paula Abdul Might Think She Can Dance, Says Mary Murphy

While American Idol fans are dismayed at the departure of their favorite loopy judge, Paula Abdul, from the show, other celebrities are sounding off at her decision to leave the how. Exuberant So You Think You Can Dance judge, Mary Murphy, hinted that she wouldn’t be opposed to having the former pop star on her reality TV series.

“She might be sitting next to me this season, you never know,” Mary Murphy tells E! News, but is quick to add, “I’m not sure America’s ready for that.” Yes, that would be a lot of cheer in one place, but I think Paula’s slurred speech would be a lovely contrast to Mary’s penchant for squealing.

As for Paula, she’s no shrinking violet in the wake of her bombshell. I have to say, she looked great as she stepped out the other night in a belted silver dress at the Boa restaurant in Los Angeles. Everyone else is bummed she’s left the show, but I’m psyched since it leaves her more time to shoot another season of Hey Paula! Or maybe she might return to the rumored talk show of hers. Either idea would be pure gold.

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dines at Boa in LA