Paula Abdul Is Demanding, Asleep

Paula Abdul is a demanding tyrant, who expects you to make up her face and hair while she’s passed out from drugs and if you’re not done when she gets up – then your ass is in trouble!

A spy says, “There’s a salon chair in her house where she gets her hair and makeup done every day. She’ll sit in it, set an alarm, and then, because she’s on so many painkillers, pass out while her hair and makeup guy gets her ready for the day. When the alarm goes off she’ll wake up, and God forbid the poor guy isn’t done yet. All hell breaks loose.” Abdul’s rep said, “There’s no alarm that I’ve ever seen.”

She’s so crazy that there probably isn’t an alarm. Paula just jerks awake and screams “RING RING RING!” Notice the rep didn’t deny she’s passed out from all the pills. This broad is such a caricature. Nothing could be more gratifying than trying to apply lipstick to an insane and sleeping slack-jawed forty something drooling and snoring in your face. I’d give up make-up and become a plumber if faced with that.


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