Paula Abdul Face Down On The Ground

April 21st, 2006 // 9 Comments

The National Enquirer has this photo on the cover of it’s current issue. Here is the aftermath of the “assault” on Paula Abdul. Now this is just plain sad. Is she anywhere in the vicinity of a wall? I don’t think so.

Click the photo for the full image.

(Thanks to Jen for the photo)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Duh

    Darn that Paula…she sure can get in some sh*t somehow……..

  2. Megan

    OK I’m second. Is she wearing see through clothes?

  3. Tracy

    HAHAH this picture makes me LAUGH! This picture doesn’t explain much. She probably just passed out cause she’s a wingnut with a drug problem.

  4. tia

    The National Enquirer is a known liar. How do we even know thats Paula ??!! I think its a fake pic.

    Tia loves DocNemisis.

  5. katie

    This picture looks so staged. I bet a million dollars that is not Paula!!

  6. Does anyone notice that that picture is taken OUTSIDE – not inside a club. If that is the inside of a club – what a shithole…

  7. Maggie

    What is that THING erupting from her neck in the inset picture????

  8. Lewis


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