Paula Abdul Denies Slutty Dolls Fired Her

July 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Paula Abdul’s rep is saying that it wasn’t the case that she was fired from the “Bratz” production for being a “nightmare”. Supposedly the episode of “Hey Paula” that detailed this drama was only some “creative editing”. Huh? I watched it, and it doesn’t seem that creative to me. It seems like she got fired! There wasn’t a voiceover blocking out what she was really saying or anything. Why was she complaining then. And why I am writing a post involving toys that encourage young girls to give oral? Look at those dolls. You know what time it is.

In a statement released today, the singer/reality star’s rep said that Abdul’s schedule was to blame for her leaving the production. “She was not only taping “American Idol three days at week, she was also filming her Bravo reality series Hey Paula! five days a week as well. In addition, she was in the process of not only expanding her successful QVC jewelry line but also coming up with the first scent in her new perfume line “Sexy Thoughts.”

With all her responsibilities, Abdul’s rep explains, “something had to give and ultimately that was Bratz.”

The something that gave was Paula’s mind! Her rep went on to say that Lionsgate asked Paula to keep their parting of the ways quiet because her being linked with the project supposedly attracted tons of interest in a film about live action tween girl dolls getting donkey punched. Bravo says the moment was “shown as it happened”. So something’s up if the network isn’t agreeing with what their star is saying. Their high-ass drunk star.


By J. Harvey

  1. Persistent Cat

    Why does Paula get 8 days and I only get 7? Shhh, I’m trying to tell a story. Where’s God when you need him?

  2. yay

    i love paula

  3. sunny

    my guess:
    1. Bratz had to let go of Paula because she didnt have time to come to filming. Paula got disappointed and called it that she was “fired”.
    2. Paula was re-hired
    3. Paula had to quit due to scheduling conflicts

    It doesnt Always have to be drama involved!

  4. stolidog

    Goodness Gracious, I see where you get your name from Sunny! I’m sure you’re right and it wasn’t the case that the producers had to fire paula because she kept applauding the extras on set and telling them “you’re just so pretty, i loved the performance, just, just keep trying really hard” before turning to give an imaginary Simon a slap on the shoulder.

  5. dezboy

    She can’t work on some stupid little girl movie because she is too busy filming her reality show? Ummmm I thought her reality show was cameras following her around RECORDING her life as it happens? Is she saying that’s not what it is? I’m shocked! Shocked!

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