Paula Abdul Claims Sobriety, America Urges Her To Get Checked For a Possible Brain Tumor or Stroke

Reality Blurred reports that Paula Abdul claims people are wrong about her being wasted during American Idol.

A year later, Paula Abdul comments about her bizarre behavior during pretty much the entire season

She tells Entertainment Weekly that she was not, in fact, intoxicated. Instead, it was simple misunderstanding. “Last year, when no one understood what I was saying, and even though I’ve never been drunk in my life, I’m accused of filling my Coca-Cola cup with alcohol. Yeah, that was really fun for me,” she said.

Something is clearly wrong with her. If it’s not drunkeness, or some kind of motor-neuron disease, then I’m at a loss. You keep waiting for one of the singers to stop mid-caterwauling and ask Simon, “she’s drunk, right?” Frankly, can you blame Paula? Sitting on that panel has got to be like sitting in televised Hell. I’d be shooting up under the table.