Paula Abdul’s Using the Britney Spears Method of Successful Comebacks

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Paula Abdul has made a career out of wearing many hats–“American Idol” judge, clothing and accessory designer, celebrity train-wreck extraordinaire–but now she’s looking to make her comeback as a pop star by performing at the Super Bowl. Word has it that the whole thing is set to be a delicious hot mess, with an inside source leaking to TMZ that Paula plans on performing her new single and that it’s a “bad, bad idea.”

Reportedly, her voice isn’t up to par, so it’s had to be digitally “enhanced” and God only knows what dance moves she has in store, since the poor thing can barely hold her head up these days. I’m hoping that she can incorporate her dance “the butt-walk” that she invented at QVC into her performance, which should also include some choreographed bursts into tears.