Paul Wesley Dissects The Characters Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The CW’s newest drama, The Vampire Diaries, has been picked up for another season, according to  The freshman hit has become the network’s most-watched series and is No. 2 behind Gossip Girl for women ages 18-34. 

Paul Wesley, who plays vampire delicioso Stefan Salvatore, offered up his take on the main characters to MTV News.  First, there’s evil brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder), whose very nature is to feed on humans. Damon is also superhot.   

“‘He’s consumed in being a vampire and power and he really believes that
feeding on humans … it’s just as simple and natural as breathing. He
doesn’t understand,’ he said. ‘There’s no guilt, which is fascinating.'”

Then there’s poor Stefan, who is off human blood and one helluva tortured soul.

“‘Stefan is fully aware of hurting others and harm, and so for him he’s,
like, always unhappy,’ he said. ‘It’s almost like someone who’s
dependent on some sort of drug and then being in rehab, and you’re
never the same.'”

I like the show and news of a second season is great to hear.  I just have a few teeny issues with Diaries.  In one episode,
Stefan awoke from a nightmare.  Anyone who knows their vampires knows
that they don’t sleep.  In another scene of the same episode, both Stefan and Damon were drinking
alcohol. Vampires don’t eat or drink (except blood, natch).  I should mention that everything I learned
about vampires I learned from Twilight.  Ergo, I am well-versed in vampire.

Gallery Info: Paul Wesley, Katerina Graham, and Nina Dobrev at the CW Network portion of the
2009 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, California.