Paul Walker Is No Cradle Robber…Well…

This morning Paul Walker’s camp cleared a nasty, TOTALLY false rumor about him being engaged and ready to wed his barely-legal girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell.

“Paul is not engaged to a teenage girl,” an insider told Us Weekly of the nineteen-year-old we spotted him vacationing with in Hawaii last month. 

But before you go cursing tabloids for being Satan-span wreckers of society, hold the phone.  Mr. All-American isn’t getting off the hook that easy.

Star Magazine is reporting that the 2 Fast 2 Furious actor has been dating the UCSB student since she was sixteen – with no remorse.  “Their age difference doesn’t scare him,” a source said.  “He knows she’s the one.”
Now, I’ll leave it to the Christian right and sex-n-love addicts to decide exactly what ‘dating’ constitutes, but I’d imagine two people this attractive have a hard time keeping their zippers up.  Then again, Britney Spears Vanessa Hudgens Miley Cyrus Miranda Kerr is still a virgin, right?

Oh and by the way – don’t get me wrong: tabloids are satan-span vats of evil.  But sometimes, these celebrities just make it too damn easy for us. It’s like dangling candy in front of a baby. 

Click any image for photos of Paul and his young, young lady in Hawaii last month…