Paul Walker: A Man Of Few Words & Many Good Looks

To quote 80s wordsmiths known as ZZ Top, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” And it’s true, as you will see from the visceral reaction these photos of 36-year-old actor, Paul Walker.

While Mr. Walker might not be well-known for his ability to soliloquize passionately (unless there are deleted scenes from Fast & Furious in which this blue-eyed thespian waxes poetic about Armor All and Rain-X), he looks damn good in a three-piece suit.

Walker tells GQ, “There’s a certain genre that I tapped into when I started, one that combined action and pop culture. I love that audience, because they love movies. They get so fired up. They’re not critics. They just enjoy it. They just enjoy what I do.”

And what he does is look pretty–and he does it well.

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