Paul McCartney Ain’t Gonna Let Heather Mills Enjoy The Fruits of His “Hard Day’s Night”

December 27th, 2006 // 8 Comments

It sounds like Sir Paul McCartney has had just about enough of the nasty battle that has taken place between himself and his estranged wife, Heather Mills, and is now claiming that she will not get a cent of his hard-earned cash in the divorce, because he had no income during their four-year marriage. has the details:

The former BEATLE has issued his estranged wife’s lawyers with the statement, and is hoping Mills will not fight the divorce in a courtroom – as he claims she would “end up with nothing”. MCCartney, whose amassed fortune is rumoured to be around GBP300 million ($585 million), made his money before marrying Mills in 2002. He says he made a financial loss until 2006, after embarking on several world tours, according to British newspaper Daily Mirror.

Ooh, sounds like Paul has Heather’s Queen in his sights. I wonder what juicy accusation she’s got in her bag of tricks to retaliate against this last move…


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By Lisa Timmons

  1. dmumsie

    Ooooh yes he is forking over a bunch of hefty pounds. Lawyers and judges and bankers and accountants don’t work for free! Ignorant Idiot!

  2. knupxfon

    His lawyers may be getting it, but Heather Mills isn’t. Dumbass. Before calling someone else an ignorant idiot, you should post something that doesn’t make you look like one first.

  3. Tonysgirl

    I hope Heather does not get a penny. She is a gold digger who could fall off the face of the earth and nooo one would care!!!

    Why should she get any? she did not earn the money!!! She is just a moooocher and a slacker.

  4. Paul vs. Heather – hilarious reenactments!

  5. She should just be embarrassed.

    These laws are to protect women who really need it. Not skank-whore gold diggers.

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