Paul Wesley Talks His ‘Vampire Diaries’ Directorial Debut And His Award-Winning SXSW Movie

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Which lucky actress received a yummy treat from Paul and his girlfriend?
I don’t know about the other Vampire Diaries fans out there, but when I heard about Paul Wesley making his directorial debut, I was so excited for him.

Back in 2012, I remember hearing him discuss how much he wanted to direct at a convention.

Now we know dreams really do come true. And the actor-now-director is very proud of his achievement.

He stopped by PIX11 in New York City to discuss the latest in his career. After directing the ominously titled episode, “Resident Evil”, he has unearthed a whole new level of excitement for himself. After being on the same show for almost six years, I can understand that after a while it can feel slightly stale.

On set, his co-stars took the opportunity to do some hazing. Wesley says there was a little bit of, “oh, you’re the director now?” teasing. I can actually imagine Nina Dobrev poking fun at him between takes.

One of his side projects included producing Before I Disappear which includes Ron Perlman and Emmy Rossum in the cast. The low-budget film won the Audience Award at SXSW which the humble actor is very proud of. He referred to it as a “passion project.”

Looking forward to Paul’s directorial debut? Don’t miss the episode airing this Thursday at 8pm on the CW!