Paul Wesley Is Fine With His ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Character Staying Bad

Paul Wesley is having a good time exploring the darker side of Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.  While fans (present company included) are used to seeing Damon tear people to bits, it’s a bit unsettling to watch Stefan do the same for a change.  MTV News spoke to Wesley at Spike’s Scream Awards Saturday night (October 15th), and like the show’s producer, Wesley is not giving anything away.  You tease!

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When will Stefan go back to being good?  “Maybe never, I don’t know.  I guess in a romantic story like this he eventually has to be [good again], but I think it’s fine if he’s not.”  We don’t care what you think!  We’re trying to find out if things are ever going back to the way they once were.

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“I really like the idea of it being the year of the Originals,” Wesley added. “I really love the cast that plays the original vampires, all of them: Claire Holt, Daniel Gilles, Joseph Morgan. They are really, really solid actors and really nice people. So I hope they stick around for a while.”  No!  Klaus is a vindictive sociopath with no regard for anyone else but himself.  Screw the hybrid army.  Someone take out Klaus!