Paul Wesley Braves New York Snow, Discusses Favorite ‘Vampire Diaries’ Scene

Sweet Lovers
Paul and his girlfriend gave a sweet treat to who?!
Baby, it’s cold outside!

Despite the freezing temperatures and snow, Paul Wesley doesn’t look anything but hot. He appears to either be in pain, or frustrated with having his photo taken. Both are completely understandable.

With the whole polar vortex occurrence, the cold is more brutal and bone-chilling than usual.

Two days remain until the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries premieres. With the celebration sneaking up on us, it’s time for everyone to reminisce. Think of what scenes are your favorites or least favorite.

Even Wesley has begun doing that.

“Definitely my favorite episode would be the flashback to the 1920’s,” he shared while speaking to E! News. If you’re having trouble remembering which episode that was, it was the third episode of the third season. It’s time was, “The End of the Affair.” Stefan, Paul’s character, was in full blown ripper mode and was the most fascinating character to watch.

He continued speaking, sharing one of his favorite moments. When it comes to both the episode and the scene, I share his love for it. I’m sure many other fans do too. He explained, ” I made this guy drink his own wife’s blood.” Liam Grant was the man’s name. He was one of the victims whose name ended up on his reflection wall. He used the ritual as a way to relive the kill.

You can check out that video at the bottom of the post if you, too, would like to relive the kill. It also marks one of the first times we get to see Original vampire Rebekah Mikaelson played by Claire Holt!

Another favorite of his was from the tenth episode of the first season titled, “The Turning Point.” This time, his favorite scene was one centered around Stelena! I wonder if Nina Dobrev shares his love for it. Know which one I’m talking about yet? He says, “when Elena touched Stefan’s face for the first time and he showed her his veins and it was this beautiful moment of opening up to her and him showing her his vampire side.”

Now we get to relive every moment in anticipation for the upcoming 100th episode. What are your favorite scenes? Better yet, what are your least favorite?

Paul dished on that too! Stefan was saving Elena when it was freezing in Georgia where they film. It got so bad he got frostbite on his face! Yikes!

When asked if he had any favorites from the entire series, not necessarily including him, he cracked a little joke. In response to the question he said it had to include him and “I’m a Leo, I love myself.” As a fellow Leo, I can relate to that! We do love ourselves.

Are you excited for the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries? It premieres this Thursday at 8pm! Don’t miss it and let us know your favorite scenes or episodes from the show in the comments below!