Paul Wesley And Torrey DeVitto Blend In On Low-Key French Getaway

Wedded Bliss
Could this French vacay be a one-year anniversary gift?
The season finale of Vampire Diaries ended with (spoiler!) Elena becoming a vampire. But don’t freak out too much since Paul Wesley thinks another plot twist might on the horizon:  “I think a lot of this season is going to be about how to fix the issue or deal with it somehow — maybe even reverse it.”

Wesley is both “excited and a little concerned,” since so much of the show centered on, uh, Elena staying human and resisting the dark side. Since that’s clearly not much of a threat anymore, the writers have quite a job ahead of them. Wesley has faith, though. “We have some very talented writers and I’m sure they’re going figure to it out,” he told EW at CW upfronts.

But in the meantime, Wesley is enjoying hiatus with wife, Torrey DeVitto, whom you might recognize from another popular teen drama, Pretty Little Liars. The two were spotted vacationing in France, looking like a pair of everyday (though probably way more attractive than average) newlyweds, enjoying the sights just like everyone else. Happy vacay, you two!