Paul Walker Gets Shirtless For Davidoff’s Cool Water Shoot

Paul Walker Kisses
Paul Walker and Joradna Brewster kiss on set.
Actor Paul Walker has been the face of Davidoff’s Cool Water cologne for a few years running now, and judging from these photos, he is still the face of the brand.

The actor was spotted yesterday (September 5, 2013) doing a photo shoot on the beach for Cool Water cologne in Oahu, Hawaii. Paul rolled around shirtless on the beach before taking a dip in the ocean and giving the paparazzi double middle fingers.

At one point during the shoot, Paul took some time to pose for a photo with a fan. GQ recently spoke with Paul, and asked him what his strangest encounter with a fan was. This was his response… 

I had one girl who I found inside my beach house in California one time. That was a little freaky. She couldn’t put anything into words and she had tears streaming down her face. So I embraced her, took her outside and sat her down, talked to her about why she came to my house and she just said: “I’m sorry, I just felt we needed to meet one another”. I asked her whether this was what she needed or whether she felt she’d need more in the future and, when she said no, I gave her a hug and walked her to her car. She drove off and I haven’t seen her again.

Wow. That was probably the most generous encounter every described with a home intruder ever.

Watch one of Paul’s Cool Water commercial below. Then make sure to check out Paul and his photoshoot by launching the gallery.

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