Patriots Owner Bob Kraft And His Young Girlfriend, Ricki Lander’s Painful Audition [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

July 11th, 2012 // 2 Comments

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 71 is dating aspring actress/gold digger Ricki Lander, 32 (I dare you to argue with me), and like any good boyfriend, he wants to help her land as many roles as possible.

Today, an audition video featuring Lander and Kraft went viral, mainly because it was so embarrassing.  According to both Barstool Sports and CBS Sports, Lander read for a part in Vince Vaughn‘s upcoming movie.  According to me, it went over like a lead balloon.

Kraft should not quit his day job.  Lander should start campaigning for an engagement ring STAT, because her audition was…not good.  I foresee a life of minimal philanthropy, party-throwing and an Alexis Bellino-ish fashion line for Lander.

Be careful, the language in this video is NSFW. Check it out after the jump.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. dragon girl

    Do these girls pray to their patron saint Ana Nicole??
    How else do they land the super old ones?

  2. reader1

    How do you know she is a gold digger? People find love or at least attraction in the strangest places.

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