Patrick Dempsey Takes on a New Role

February 1st, 2007 // 4 Comments

Dr. McDreamy has taken the lead roll in a new romantic comedy, “Made of Honor.”

The film tells the story of a man (Dempsey) who is in love with a woman who is engaged to someone else.

When the woman asks Dempsey’s character to be her ‘maid of honour’, he sets about trying to make her fall for him.

As of yet the female lead has not been cast, but I could see him teaming up with someone like Clare Danes.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. KNR

    Isn’t that a Julia Roberts movie, only with Julia trying to break up the wedding?

  2. ifyousayso

    ^ i was thinking the exact same thing!!

    can we get an original idea from hollywood sometime in the near future, please?

  3. Marie

    Original, smoriginal, who cares? Cast me as the female lead, please! :)

  4. Fabiola


    Can’t help myself.

    P.S. This movie sounds incredibly stupid and predictable, but I am glad he’s getting work!

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